2. A Close Friends Passing - Sarah

When I was in University a close friend of mine passed away, it was very sudden and put my life into a tail spin. I became very depressed, I couldn't get out of bed, and when I did I would go out and party really hard, binge drinking and blacking out.

I found it almost impossible to study, and could barely concentrate . I quit my job as I had found out about my friends death at work, and found it was too painful to be there.

After a few months it all caught up with me and I told my family that I wasn't coping. They let me talk it out, just listening which really helped and then suggested I should speak to someone about it.

I spoke to my GP, who was so lovely and understanding about how I was feeling. He referred me see a counsellor on mental health plan, which was free for a couple of sessions and they helped me work through what I was feeling. 

As well as working through my feelings with a professional I found hanging out with friends who knew him was very healing for me. Some days were tough but I set myself a routine, that I stuck to and made sure I was eating and exercising because that really helped with my mood.

Once I finished Uni I went overseas for a while, this helped, as it showed me how big and amazing the world is and that there  are so many possibilities for my life.


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